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Mazovia Cluster ICT was established out of Market, Consumption and Business Institute initiative in 27 of November 2007. Coordination of cluster activity has been delegated to Association of Economic and Social Development “Knowledge”. The Board members are : Mariusz Stachnik- president, Łukasz Wielec- vice-president. The motto of Mazovia Cluster ICT action are words of James’aHarringto: “The most effective method of increasing productivity of action, is to use the knowledge and experience of others”


Mazovia Cluster ICT has got more than 140 commited participants – 5 Research Institutions, 6 Universities and plenty of other entities including SME`s, NGO’s, investment funds and large companies.  Moreover, Mazovia Cluster ICT cooperate with Warsaw City Council, Co-Generation Commerce and Industry, The Office of the Marshal of Mazovia, Polish Chamber of Commerce of Electronic and Telecommunication, Bulgarian ICT Cluster, Oslo ICT Network.

In 2015, Mazovia Cluster ICT obtained a status of Key National Cluster (there are only 7 KNC in Poland). In 2016, Mazovia Cluster ICT also obtained Silver Label of Cluster Excellence, certified by European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA).

The mission of the Mazovia cluster ICT is to bridge the gap between the action and conditions for SME’s development in the metropolitan area and the rest of the Voivodship. Cluster accomplishes this mission by establishing and developing cooperation between sector of computer science enterprises, telecommunication, telecommunication and electronic media R&D units, universities and business institutions and local authorities in the area of Warsaw and outside metropolitan areas

The competence areas of the Mazovia Cluster ICT are: telecommunication, IT, industrial automatics, power engineering, GIS, Business System Solutions, Creative Industry, Smart City, Smart Grid, eHealth, Decision Support System. In each area has a front runner with the associated entrepreneurs, who cooperate closely in the new projects and the technological solutions.

The Mazovia Cluster ICT is implementing projects financed by European Union grants. Also as the first one in the Mazovia Voivoship, the Mazovia Cluster ICT has gained support of “Action 1.6 support of collaboration links in region” and implemented project “Development of the Mazovia Cluster ICT through the implementation of an innovative platform for online collaboration.”

Mazovia Cluster ICT is a member of the European Alliance of Innovation (EAI). As the one of two Mazovia clusters gained the support of the Marshal of Mazovia and in 2013 Mazovia Cluster ICT obtained brown shield of Quality, certified by European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) cooperating as a part of VDI/VDE Innovation+Technik GmbH. This reword is a significant element of European Union cluster’s policy according to European Cluster Excellence Initiative. Moreover, this reword points to high quality of Cluster and contribute to increase in interest of potential partners.

Recently the first competition concerning creating European strategic partnerships of Clusters was finished (European Strategic Partnerships Cluster – ESCP). As a result chosen 13 following partnerships. Three Polish clusters participate in four consortiums. Mazovia Cluster ICT is current in two parttnerships (ICT4Future and Energy in Water).






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 kkk logoPoziomeCMYK eng  Mazovia Cluster ICT has a status of Key National Cluster

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