ClusterXchange IT tool in BLUES project

We are happy to announce that the ClusterXchange IT tool was published on 23 September.

It is accessible via the landing page of the scheme under “Click here to register”: . An access point is also made available through the Home area of the ECCP Platform (

The application facilitates the process of matching guests and hosts when organizing the international exchange. The registration method is intuitive and is fully explained on the website.

Possible on-line exchanges in the BLUES project

The past months have clearly shown that due to the limitations related to COVID-19 in many European countries, the implementation of the ClusterXchange pilot program has been severely hampered. Many of our activities could not be carried out as planned, had to be postponed or even cancelled.
EASME introduces the possibility of virtual exchanges to facilitate the implementation of the ClusterXchange pilot program. This unique option will run until December 31, 2020. Please note that this end date is indicative and may change in the following months as the situation evolves.