“Analysis of the use of funds by Polish beneficiaries under programs managed centrally by the European Commission: Financial Instuments and COSME” – expert panel 01.02.2018

Ewa Rekosz, CLUSGRID project coordinator, participated in the expert panel organized by the Ministry of Investment and Development at the headquarters of the Polish Bank Association. The panel was attended by representatives of the ministry, PARP and the National Contact Point for EU Financial Instruments. The conclusions from the study conducted by the Ministry of Investment and Development were discussed, the main objective of which was to diagnose the reasons limiting the participation of Polish entities in the COSME horizontal program and in programs supporting financial instruments, implemented directly from the European level. The purpose of the study was also formulating recommendations on the necessary institutional and operational solutions, raising interest in horizontal programs and resulting in increased efficiency obtaining support from these sources.

“The quality of key management for effective cluster operations – cluster excellence” – workshop 05.12.2017

The quality of key management for effective cluster activity – cluster excellence” is the title of a workshop organized by the Eastern Cluster ICT in the Centrum Kreatywności Targowa in Warsaw. The event was initiated by two National Key Clusters as part of ongoing COSME / Cluster Excellence Programme projects – “CLUSGRID Clusters for Smart Grid” coordinated by ECICT and “Cluster Excellence for Creative Industries Leadership” with MCICT participation.
The main subject of the Workshop was the cluster management methods learnt during trainings and study visits in various clusters. We discussed the elements that allow us to ensure high efficiency of the cluster’s functioning. We wondered how they affect the effective implementation of the cluster’s strategy and the fulfillment of its objectives and assumptions.

Study visit in SOLARTYS

The visit, composed by twelve clusters belonging to different European countries: Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, France and several regions of Spain (Catalonia, Aragon and the Canary Islands), aimed to offer attendees – all of them cluster managers – a global vision about the ecosystem of clusters in Catalonia and Spain, and foster the exchange of good practices. Barcelona, 06-07.11.2017. It should be noted that the members of the INNODROP project were invited to join the CLUSGRID consortium to increase the impact of the study. During the visit, the members of the consortium had the opportunity to learn about Clusters policy in Catalonia from Emma Vendrell, of ACCIÓ, to study first-hand several clusters of very different typology, both by topics, by origin and by structure. As well as this, the group had the chance to learn in depth about Solartys and its ecosystem of clusters. Mr. Jordi Giral from CITCEA – Polytechnic University of Catalonia gave an overview on the Smart Grid sector. Study visit was also an excellent possibility to discuss the outcomes of the two case studies elaborated after the on-line training.

Training in Stuttgart

170 clusters from 30 countries, including the Eastern ICT Cluster. Behind us are two days spent in Stuttgart at the 5th Cluster Matchmaking Conference – Bringing Cluster Collaboration to the Next Level. After five years of cooperation with clusters from all over Europe, it is time for cooperation at a higher level. The meeting in Stuttgart at which representatives of the Eastern ICT Cluster also appeared was used for this purpose.
It was not a traditional conference. The program was interactive and full of interesting presentations. Clusters used matchmaking, learned from each other, shared experiences and challenges. It was enough to have an open mind and the willingness to learn – the organizers comment.
In addition, participants could gain practical knowledge about the internationalization and competition of clusters, their internationalization and the development of strategies for international projects. The full program can be checked here.

Training in Berlin

On 25-28 April members of the Eastern ICT Cluster participated in the Berlin training “Improving the quality of cluster management” under the COSME program.
Ten clusters from CLUSGRID and INNO-DROP consortia (Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, France, Peru), including members of the Eastern ICT Cluster, under the supervision of trainers discussed the most important issues from the following thematic blocks – benchmarking, cluster economics, analysis of industrial segments, cluster management and change management.
Among the trainers appeared, among others Enric Pedrós, Elisabeth Molina from FEMAC, Daniel Cosnita – president of the Romanian Cluster Association and Christoph Reiss-Schmidt – Member of the Technical Advisory Committee of ESCA, Coordinator of the Advisory Committee of the National and International Business Projects of Upper Austria.
The training was theoretical and practical. Both the theory and the practical approach to cluster management were discussed. Complementing the training in Berlin will be a 5-week online training, which will focus mainly on individual solutions for individual clusters.

Mazovia is strong in ICT

Mazovia Cluster ICT found its way to the elite. Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI in Germany named its to the 15 clusters with the greatest potential of ICT among the 270 regions in the EU. The press office of the marshal’s office points out that works on smart specialization of this region are continue. Today’s proposals are : safe food , intelligent management systems , modern services for business and quality of life. But even in such a configuration, the ICT sector is needed.

Trade Mission to India for clusters and networks

Mazovia Cluster ICT is the only cluster from Poland was elected on a trade mission to India. On 23-26 October trade mission takes place ( matchmaking event) for representatives of organizations and cluster management and for SMEs in clusters organized by the Economic Commission (DG Eneterprise and Industry ) in India. The mission is aimed at technology sectors related to environmental protection and resource efficiency (resource efiiciency and clean technologies) .


Brown badge of quality and management for Mazovia Cluster ICT

On 04/11/2013 Mazovia Cluster ICT received the Bronze Quality Label. Badge is awarded by the European Secretariatfor Cluster Analysis (ESCA) operating under the VDI / VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH. The award is part of the European Union Cluster policies implemented under the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI, www.clusterexcellence.eu)


European strategic partnerships of Clusters were chosen

Recently the first competition concerning creating European strategic partnerships of Clusters was finished (European Strategic Partnerships Cluster – ESCP). As a result chosen 13 following partnerships. Three Polish clusters participate in four consortiums. Mazovia Cluster ICT is current in two parttnerships (ICT4Future and Energy in Water).


European LightingCluster Alliance – ELCA
European Aerospace Partnership Cluster – EACP
European Sports Clusters Partnership
European Semiconductor Consortium Cluster – ESCC
Food, Health & Wellbeing
Textile 2020
Energy in Water
Mind the Gawker – Health and Wellbeing for the Elderly
International Cleantech Network – ICN
Photonics & Packaging for Innovation – 3P4I
Personalized Healthcare
Natural Resource Efficient Europe – Natureef


New member of Mazovia Cluster ICT – PLATINUM SEED INCUBATOR

A company acceded to members of Mazovia Cluster ICT –  Platinum Seed Incubator. The Platinum Seed Company is a pier between originators and investors.


India Engineering Sourcing Show Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Mumbai 22-24 January 2014

INDIA’S LARGEST INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING SOURCING SHOW The third edition of India’s largest international engineering sourcing show will open on 22 January 2014 in Mumbai. Organized by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, with EEPC India as the lead agency, the India
Engineering Sourcing Show (IESS) 2014 will expand its ambit and include a whole range of business services and a special show on cutting-edge technology. As in the second edition, IESS 2014 will be an expansive showcase of India’s manufacturing capabilities to an international audience.
More info: www.iesshow.in

Visit of the Mechatronica Chairman Cluster from Jagdish India- of Mahayanas

On 23 and 24 November Mazovia Cluster ICT had staying Mr Jagdisha Mahajana Mechatronica Cluster Chairman from India

The Cluster is concentrating MACHATRONICA SMEs leading forms in India from the field of electronic Engineering, electronics, control systems, design, software and the intergrace of systems of fields. An effective cooperation is a purpose of the Cluster between members causing the planning, the development and the manufacture of mechatronic systems about the highest operational capacity folded from automation, movement control and robotics world – wide.