Mobile Cosmodrome

Mazovia Cluster ICT offers a joint Poland-Ukrainian project on an airborne nano launch vehicle. It will provide a delivery of small satellites to orbits with an air-dropped launch vehicle. This project is dedicated for demanding customers who desire their spacecrafts to be integrated at a site of their preference and a launch to be performed for any application, to any orbit and at any time they choose.

A typical mission is straightforward:

  • a carrier plane with a launch vehicle flies to a customer’s airfield
  • an inflatable hangar with clean confinement facilities is deployed at a customer’s site
  • a spacecraft is mounted on a launch vehicle, which is then boarded back on the plane, and
  • the carrier plane flies to a launch point.

The system can boost a payload under 100 kg to a 700 km Sun Synchronous Orbit, and up to 220 kg to Low Earth Orbits. For interplanetary missions, it can deliver up to 40 kg to an Earth departure trajectory.

Project Ukrainian partners include YUZHMASH, KRZ and HARTRON in association with Kharkiv Aerospace University.

Maiden launch is planned for 2021.

Source of the project funding: to be discussed

Total estimated budget: TBA

Project presentation is here.