#8 anniversary of Key National Cluster


#8 anniversary of Key National Cluster

🎉 Pride and joy! 🎉
We are celebrating the 8th anniversary of becoming a National Key Cluster! This is a remarkable achievement for us and underlines our determination and commitment to developing not only the region but also the country.

🌍 Internationalization 🌍
During these 8 years, our Cluster has made remarkable progress. In the last internationalization project alone, more than 100 of our members took part in missions, trade fairs and conferences around the world.

🤝 Collaboration 🤝
Our collaborations know no borders! We collaborate with companies and clusters from Europe, Asia, Africa, and America on joint research and development projects.

👨‍💻 Development 👩‍💻
We build trust among entrepreneurs, acquiring new partners, creating new consortia, we have become the second-largest cluster in Poland in terms of the number of members.

👨‍🔬 Science 👩‍🔬
Our employees are constantly learning and acquiring new competencies. More recently, we have also been contributing to the expansion of the world of science. Our colleague’s article is available below:
The role of clusters as collective actors in the energy transformation: the case of Mazovia Cluster ICT | Emerald Insight

🚀 Thank you for these 8 amazing years! 🚀