STARTUP3 AI Innovation Challenge Results

On 11.05.2021, our cluster members participated in the meeting “AI & BIG DATA” organized by the French cluster Pole SCS. The event was an opportunity to review the latest technological developments. In the frame of this event STARTUP3 AI Innovation Challenge took place. Startups from the STARTUP3 accelerator program (H2020 project coordinated by SCS). Among 10 startups from the Czech Republic, France, Spain, Italy and Poland, our member – mTap Smart City Sp. z o.o., by votes of the meeting participants, took 3rd place. Congratulations!

More about the company and its innovative solutions:

It is worth mentioning that mTap Smart City Sp. z o.o. is a participant in the international project Green Small Smart City.


Internationalization is a project that dates back to the first half of 2016 . Over 75 companies have already participated in the project. The project is aimed mainly at the SME sector, but is not limited to it. The aim of the project is the foreign expansion of the Cluster members aimed in particular at creating new international sales channels for the product. As part of internationalization, a total of 5 projects are implemented in the following industries: creative technology, space, energy, med-tech and food and textiles.


Blues – The main assumption of the project is to improve the managerial abilities of cluster employees, exchange experiences, improve the quality of services provided and facilitate international cooperation between companies / members from the water sector and greentech. The participants (guests and hosts) of this international exchange may be representatives of cluster organizations and business environment organizations, organizations supporting development (such as technology centers, research institutes, innovation centers, incubators, accelerators) and SMEs that are members of clusters from countries participating in the program COSME.Clusters from Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic are members of the consortium.

Green Smart Small Cities (GSSC)

Green Small Smart Cities (GSSC) is a project connecting Spaniards, Poles, Italians and Czechs from 5 European clusters from water, energy, nanotechnology and ICT sectors, working for sustainable development. Project activities focus on establishing an European Cluster Strategic Partnership (ESCP) in the greentech-related industries and urban ICT sectors. The main goal of the project is to thoroughly analyze the opportunities and potential offered by emerging middle class countries such as Africa, Asia and Latin America in terms of sustainability for Small Smart Cities.