Last meeting of the GSSC consortium


Last meeting of the GSSC consortium

­čÖî We are celebrating the last meeting of Green Small Smart Cities consortium, and setting the future steps after the project end next month.

­čĄŁIt has been 2 and a half years of intense collaboration between 5 European clusters from 4 countries, with 3 exploratory missions in 3 countries: Cape Verde, Vietnam and Chile, with more than 100 public institutions, companies, research centres, and associations, which have been visited in order to accompany them in their internationalization process; in the fields of solar energy, water, green technologies, TIC and nanotechnologies.

­č笭čç║ In total, behind the 5 European clusters members of┬áGSSC┬áproject, more than 400 European entities are represented.

­čÖî As coordinators of the project, we want to thank all our partners:┬áCatalan Water Partnership, CWP, Clust-ER Greentech Energia e Sviluppo Sostenibile, Mazovia Cluster ICT, and particularly┬áNanoprogress┬áfor their warm hospitality for the kick end.