What you gain with us

access to the vast resources of the Mazovia Cluster ICT ecosystem

possibility of experience exchange and knowledge transfer

participation in regional, national, and international projects

possibility of obtaining EU grants or other funds

creation of joint expert teams to develop specific projects, conducting analytical activities

possibility of using consulting in the field of public relations, European funds, business, legal, and insurance services

joint representation of Cluster members on the market – joint offering, joint promotion and marketing, creation of the Cluster brand

joint expansion to foreign markets thanks to the Internationalisation Programme, which we have been conducting since 2016


The Mazovia Cluster ICT is an ecosystem of over 400 companies, research and development units, non-governmental organizations and investment funds, which combine the will to cooperate and build added value for themselves and their partners. All of them are involved in innovative processes and invest in technology. 

Our members can boast a diverse business profile, from the technology, construction, pharmaceutical industries to telemedicine or genetics. They create innovative products, of which we have over 700 in our joint portfolio.