SEEDiA’s success


SEEDiA’s success

Congratulations to our member, SEEDiA, for joining Austria’s largest startup accelerator with their innovative solutions!

SEEDiA can boast of its innovations in the form of benches that use solar energy to charge cell phones, emit Wi-Fi, or send messages. The project has been well received by the residents of the city of Nigeradhaz in Hungary, and the city itself announces more implementations!

What’s more, a new solution for urban electric scooter chargers using environmentally friendly solar energy will also be presented soon.

It is worth mentioning that SEEDiA participates in our two international projects – BLUES and GSSC. The company’s offer will soon be presented in Vietnam, Chile and Cape Verde.

We are very pleased with this success and wish you further success!

Ławka SEEDiA